Facial Pigmentation and Age Spots

There are a number of problems of Facial Pigmentation, most of which are as a result of Sun Damage.

Solar Lentigo, or Age/Liver Spots. These are basically large freckles, and together with thinning of the skin, are associated heavily with excessive exposure to the Sun.

  • The appearance of these can improved considerably with a course of IPL treatments, but will recur with further exposure to the sun. They can also be improved with Chemical peels, but again recur with re-exposure to the sun. So good Sun Protection is required after either treatment. There is very little, if any, ‘Down-time’ with either of these two treatments.
  • The Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser can also be used, the skin is a little red and rough for 2-3 days, which can easily be camouflaged with make-up. It stimulates repair of the sun damage, and 3-6 treatments may be required. Again strong sum protection is required between treatments, which are usually 1 month apart.
  • Resurfacing Carbon Dioxide Laser can remove the pigment completely, but the area does take 4-6 days to heal, and the area remains pink for 6-8 weeks. This is new skin, so requires complete protection from the sun until it re-pigments.

Melasma, is a generalised, patchy, often extensive increase in pigmentation, which is due to sun damage, occurs usually in slightly darker Skin Types, and made worse by hormones, such as during Pregnancy, and while on certain contraceptive pills. Fractional Lasers have been used, but the result is slow and often unpredictable. At present we feel the best treatment is the Obagi Regimen, which is a prolonged course of regular treatment and protection.

Generalised Pigmentation, with Superficial Sun Damage and Fine Lines, can be treated with PRP, Platelet Rich Plasms, also known as the Vampire Facelift. At Defy Time, we use a Mesogun to inject the PRP into the skin, with minimal discomfort and little down-time.

The very latest treatment for skin pigmentation is one we have pioneered at Defy Time, the combined use of PRP and Stem Cells with the Mesogun, which is giving quite outstanding improvement in pigment, particularly post acne.