Sun Damaged Skin

The aging of the skin is primarily due to the rays of the sun, which is then made worse by factors such as smoking, ill-health, poor diet and over exposure, as in the case of Sun-Beds.

At Defy Time we instruct you on the best way to protect from such damage, while bearing in mind that the rays of the sun are also essential for our health.

Correcting such damage can often be achieved by simply avoiding those aggravating factors listed above, particularly when we are in our late twenties and early thirties. When we are a little older, we may need a little help.

So initial advice is on how to protect, reducing the risk of further damage, and also how and when we can best stimulate repair. It is only after this that we may suggest any treatment.

Treatment is then tailored to your particular skin problem, with particular emphasis on minimizing downtime, maximizing effect, with always an eye on the cost effectiveness of any treatment.

It may involve treatments solely aimed at improving the superficial quality of the skin, such as Mild Chemical Peels, IPL, or PRP(The Vampire Face-Lift). However the skin damage can also look much worse if the face has lost too much volume, in which case correcting that volume loss gives far better results. In this instance treatments such as Sculptra, Micro-Fat Transfer or the newer Dermal Fillers would be advised.