Body Contouring of Unwanted Body Fat

The treatment recommended will depend on the area, amount of fat to be removed and the amount of skin-laxity present.

A treatment we have used since 2005 for smaller areas, in any age-group is Injection Lipolysis. This is the injection into these areas of a substance that results in rupture of the fat cells. A course of 3-4 is often required, every 2-3 months, with the treated area remaining quite swollen for about 4 days. The reduction in fat takes place between the 5th and 8th weeks following each after treatment, and often gives excellent skin tightening. No compression garment is required.

We have had excellent results with stubborn fat in the chin/neck area, although the initial swelling here is quite dramatic.

For larger areas, such as the whole abdomen, back, or larger saddlebags, we like the Bodyjet for gentle Liposuction under Local Anaesthetic. It uses jets of anaesthetic liquid to dislodge the fat cells, allowing it to be removed with gentle suction. A compression garment has to be worn for 6weeks following the procedure, and we advise patients to rest for at least a week post-op.

If there is some skin laxity, we used the BodyTite, either on its own, or with the BodyJet, to get improved tightening of the skin, particularly in the lower abdomen.