Coronavirus – what we are doing to minimise any risk.

Due to Dr Alan’s experience of 30yrs in General Practice and almost 20yrs in the Medical Aesthetic field, we are only too aware of the precautions that need to be taken to reduce any risk to our patients in the circumstances that we now face.

Because of the risk of cross infection that may now exist in all public places, we have now introduced even more rigorous safety regimens.

  1. All our patients are asked to use a powerful virucidal hand cleanser on arrival at reception.
  2. All patients are offered an individual area to rest while waiting for their appointment. We now have 4 separate waiting areas, so as to minimise any risks from close personal contact.
  3. All areas where there could be any risk of such cross-infection are cleaned with a similar Anti-Viral cleaning agent between each consultation.
  4. All communal areas are also cleaned repeatedly throughout the day, again with similar virucidal agents.
  5. Although this may now seem obvious, we advise anyone who feels unwell, or are displaying any symptoms, be they staff or patients, to be kind enough not to attend the clinic.

If you have any concerns or requests regarding your attendance for treatment, or for consultation, please contact us on 01792208466.

With very best regards, Dr Alan, and all the staff at Defy Time.