Could cosmetic surgery become a thing of the past?

Over the last nine months, Defy Time’s Dr Alan Jones and Katie Schaverien we have attended IMCAS World Conferences in both Paris and Singapore, sourcing the most up to-date treatments on the market.

Their main acquisitions, a Unipolar Radio-Frequency device and a Fractional Carbon Dioxide Resurfacing Laser, follow the modern trend in treatments that stimulate and thicken the body’s own collagen cells to improve skin quality. Used alongside more established treatments like Sculptra, we are seeing greater and more natural results with less downtime and less expense for our clients.

Our first acquisition was a Unipolar Radio-Frequency device, which research has shown is as, or even more effective, than the market leading Thermage treatment, and at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, it is also virtually painless with absolutely no down. During the first 6 months of its use our clients have been absolutely delighted with the improvements achieved, which last up to 18 months. This device works in two ways, by giving an immediate and obvious skin tightening, which is followed a few weeks later by thickening of the skin’s collagen layer.

The second acquisition, which involved a further 3 day visit to Florence with one of the world’s leading laser specialists, is a Fractional Carbon Dioxide Resurfacing Laser. This is now considered the gold standard in the treatment of all facial line or wrinkles, as well as excellent improvement in pigmentary changes, including Melasma.

Both these device works by stimulating the body’s own repair mechanism to repair your own skin, resulting in very natural skin tightening and collagen thickening. Along with more established treatments like Sculptra, we are seeing a new trend in treatments that get the body to repair its own skin, rather than simply plumping it up with fillers. Surprisingly Botulinum Toxin injections such as Botox etc. still have a very important part to play in this modern approach to reducing the effects of aging. As the skin is flat, following the Botox injections, it then heals flat when we use these newer treatments, thus giving greater reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

These Collagen Stimulating treatments follow the modern trend to thicken collagen and improve skin quality through stimulating the body’s own cells. If things continue to progress as at present, these three treatments may well make facial surgery a rare event for patients in the future.