Staff Development and exiting new treatments at IMCAS

The visit to IMCAS in Paris this January proved to be the most exciting yet, and proved a wonderful experience for the two members of our staff, Stefanie and Karen, who came with us. The experience they gained will prove invaluable to the range of treatments we can offer at our clinic.

One of the most surprising treatments on the horizon is the soon to be released Botulinum Toxin cream, which will be of particular interest to those who dislike needles, or are new to cosmetic treatments, with the effects expected to last about 8 weeks.

The second treatment to catch our eye, was the treatment that has been taking America by storm – Photo-Dynamic-Therapy. We are pleased to be the first clinic in the UK to offer such a treatment with no down time. This is particularly effective for superficial sun damage such as pigmentation, fine lines, open pores and even early signs of skin cancer.

Another treatment which is now receiving the recognition it deserves, is the Jet Peel. This device is able to introduce substances deep into the skin without pain or trauma. With the experience we have built up with this device over the last 2 years we are able to offer a range of very effective treatments, one of which involves the recently discovered use of Botulinum Toxin in the rejuvenation of skin and scars.

One problem which has proven difficult to treat until now is Stretch-Marks. However the results demonstrated in Paris show that Carboxytherapy is very effective, particularly with the deep corrugated type, which are most distressing. We soon hope to offer this service in both clinics.

Radiage, or Pelleve`, as it is now known in the USA, again demonstrated its effectiveness compare with the far more expensive competition, and is now rightly a stalwart of the treatments we offer.

So our visit to Paris proved very productive, enabling us to offer the very latest and most effective treatments available anywhere. It is this commitment to and investment in our on-going education that allows us to state this with confidence.