Thread Lifts

These have proven to be the revelation of the last few years since their introduction from South Korea.

They were originally call PDO Threads, due to their being made from Polydioxanone, a substance use as Cardiac Sutures for the last 40yrs. Over the last 18months, newer threads have appeared made of other substances, such as PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid). The newer substances stimulate even more Collagen production increasing the time the effect last from 1-1½yrs to 2-3yrs.

At Defy Time, we prefer the Cog Threads, which give an almost immediate effect. You can get some bruising, although in our hands this is now down to less than 10%. The improvement continues for the 6-8months it takes for the body to fully absorb the threads, with an expected length of improvement of 2-3yrs(less in smokers).They give excellent pulling, particularly from the Marionette and Jowl areas.

The treatment is done with full local anaesthetic, which most of our patients claiming it to be virtually painless. The improvement is seen within 3-4hrs, as soon as the initial slight facial swelling from the Local Anaesthetic subsides, with many of our patients going to meet friends immediately after the procedure. The threads are a little uncomfortable for the first week, and we advise everyone to avoid Dental treatments for at least a month, and to eat food in small pieces to avoid opening the mouth too much.

The superficial threads, such as the Screws/Tornadoes and the Mono Threads, have a slower mode of action, taking 2-3 months to fully show. They also almost always cause some bruising. We do however use them for the V-Lift, which is excellent at giving extra support to the Jaw-line.

Over the age of 40, we often add in a natural volumizer such as Sculptra, to give a bespoke natural improvement and complete the treatment.