What has happened in 2018 ??

2018 will almost certainly go down as the most important and innovative in the Clinic’s 18 year history.

  • The year started off with a bit of a bang, when in January, while attending the IMCAS Conference in Paris, we heard that techniques we had developed at Defy Time, for the use of Stem Cells to reverse sun damage of Facial Skin, had been adopted by one of the world’s leading experts on Stem Cells. It was a delightful complement, a little pat on the back and a confirmation that the work we had put into this exciting new development in the field of Medical Cosmetics had not been in vain.
  • Sculptra has long been a favorite of our patients at Defy Time, but in March we began to realize that a new technique introduced earlier in the year was now giving far superior results. So much so that the need for thread-lifting has reduced dramatically.
  • August saw a second attendance in San Diego at the training course for the advanced use of Stem Cells in Medicine, both Medically and Cosmetically. This year, Dr Alan was trained by world experts in this field, to inject Stem Cells into joints for Arthritis etc under Ulta-sound guidance. While we have not yet introduced this into the clinic as yet, watch this space!!
  • Attendance  in San Diego also gave us ideas on how to improve our method of injecting Stem Cells into Facial skin, with minimal downtime. Previously we could only inject a concentration of 30% Stem Cells with minimal downtime(approx 1 day), while if we injected 100% Stem Cells concentration, the downtime was 4-7 days of swelling and bruising. A new technique introduced only 12 weeks ago, now allows us to inject 100% Stem Cells, but with a downtime of only 12-24hrs. We know of no other clinic offering this treatment at present.
  • While improvement in results using Sculptra has reduced or use of Threads, they are still excellent when we need that extra bit of lifting. Having used all the varieties of threads over the last 4-5 years, Dr Alan has reverted to using PDO Cogs. He feels that although they do may not last as long quite as long as the PLLA and PCL Cogs, they give a far superior lift and are also far more comfortable for the patient.
  • December saw the purchase of a delightful new machine, which uses Focused Ultra-Sound  to tighten the skin of the Face, Arms and Abdomen, with very little or no Down Time. This will be excellent for patients who want a non-invasive treatment.