What’s new in the field of Cosmetic Medicine?

These are indeed very exciting times to be involved in Cosmetic Medicine. As we continue to learn more about how and what happens as we age, we also work out how to correct these changes in a far more natural way. This will, I’m sure, eventually see the demise of the overfilled, caricature face, except perhaps in those individuals who appear to like that look.

The field of Cosmetic Medicine is also leading the way with the practical applications of using Stem Cells to heal and repair the damage caused by ageing. At Defy Time we have pioneered the use of such treatments for Acne Scars and any unsightly scars on the face or body, which have achieved quite staggering improvements.

Since the science and techniques of using living tissue has to be very exact to ensure the success of the procedure, specific, specialised training is essential. With this in mind, Dr Alan spent a full day in theatre with one of the world’s acknowledged experts, Professor Guy Magalon(Marseille) in Dec 2016. In August he also he attended 2 days having ‘Hands-on’ training with the other 3 renowned experts in the field, Dr Patrick Tonnard, Dr Stephen Cohen and Dr Robert Alexander in San Diego.

All this training is funded by Dr Alan personally, as he firmly believes that is essential to be independent of any pharmaceutical company influence in making the choice of treatments for his patients.