Conditions We Treat

On our web-site we attempt to show you what treatment we do for the problems you may have. It is a very simplistic way to explain possible treatments.

However, at consultation we will explain to you how the better understanding of how we age, has recently transformed the way we now treat our patients.

We are able to give far more natural and undetectable changes, which result in comments like “Don’t you ever age” and “You look younger every time I see you”, rather than “OMG, what have you had done”.

In fact, if you are a fan of the obvious, altered look, we are probably not the clinic for you.

At Your Consultation

Consultations at Defy Time are Free. Dr Alan feels that every person is given as much time as they need. Time to explain fully what they feel their problems are, time to understand and discuss the possible options of treatment, and then time to go away to reassess and look into, what we have recommended as suitable treatment. Even after this, you are still unsure, Dr Alan is only too glad to see you for further consultation, for he feels it is essential that every patient fully understands what the treatments entail. He is also aware that we all, on attending for our first treatment, are internally, a state of complete panic. Dr Alan’s calm confidence, gained from years of experience and training, soon has every patient completely relaxed.

The range of treatment possible will startle you, as will the explanation of how we now understand the causes and the way our faces age. It will be totally different to any other consultation you may have had, which is solely due to knowledge gained from constant attendance at conferences and training courses in all parts of the world.

It is when you walk in to the Defy Time Clinic that you realise we are different. From the private, discreet Car Park, to the warm friendly welcome of our staff and the relaxed comfort of our waiting area, all our patients comment that coming to the clinic is a delightful and pleasurable experience. The feeling of care and respect starts as soon as you enter the door.

Male Treatments

Men tend to prefer the more natural, undetectable treatments. The aesthetic concerns of a male also tend to be a little different. There is less of an emphasis for men to have a perfect, smooth complexion. In fact a few little lines are considered to be quite masculine, giving the male face a slightly rugged, attractive look.

It is the shape of the face that most concerns men, particularly hollowness under the eyes and cheeks, and weakness in the jaw line with jowl formation. Rarely do we have men coming for lip enhancement.

The procedures that most suit the treatment of these issues are Sculptra, Suspension Threads, and the subtle use of Botulinum Toxin. Dr Alan is certain that Micro-Fat Transfer will prove very popular with men in the future, especially as the down-time expected is being reduced to just 1-2 days.

Body-contouring is also increasing in popularity, particularly shaping the body in the areas of the male breast(or Moobs), Love-Handles, Lower and Upper Abdomen.

Full Liposuction is carried out using either the BodyJet or BodyTite machines, with the procedure being carried out under Local Anaesthetic, with a compression garment being worn for 6 weeks post-op.

The less invasive Injection Lipolysis is used for more subtle body-shaping, where the patient either prefers a non-surgical approach, or the volume to be removed is less.