Marionette Lines/Folds and Jowls/Jawline

These can be considered together, as they develop following the loss Fat/Volume from the angle of the jaw, which occurs as we age, or lose weight too rapidly. This allows the facial skin, which becomes less elastic as we age, to move forward, folding a little to form the Nasolabial and Marionette as it meets the angle of the mouth.

This forward movement also has a squeezing/pinching effect on the mouth, and helps to form lines/wrinkles on the upper lip, even in non-smokers.

Replacing the Fat/Volume lost can be done either using Sculptra, or with Fat Transfer/Micro-Fat. Recent advancements with Fat Transfer have been giving quite exceptional results, with far less expected down-time.

Over the last 3years we have also seen exceptional results with the Deep Cog Threads, originally made from PDO (Poly-Dioxanone), but now from PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid). These newer threads, although being initially a little more uncomfortable, last 2-3yrs, instead of the 12-18months expected from the PDO’s. Where extra lift is required along the jaw line, the new Thread V-Lift has been a revelation.

Often, the simple but effective Nefertiti Lift, using Muscle Relaxing Injection, is enough to satisfy many patients. We simply weaken the muscle that pulls down the angle of the mouth, also the muscle that pulls the skin of the lower face down onto the neck. This allows the muscles that pull these two respective areas upwards to work better, improving the appearance of the down- turned mouth and the sagging jaw-line.

As with many of our patients, a combination of these treatments is often used if necessary.