Forehead Lines

These lines become more obvious as the skin becomes less elastic due to Sun Damage, and as we lose fat from the forehead as we age. The standard way we have treated these lines since 1988 is with muscular relaxing Botulinum Toxin injections to stop the muscles of the forehead (Frontalis) from contracting.

Great care must be taken in this area, as if we have lost significant volume, this will result in the brow dropping. In this instant, the Frontalis muscle may be being used instinctively to raise the brow, thus magnifying the Frown Lines. Weakening the Frontalis muscle with muscle relaxing injections, will result in the Brow dropping, giving a heavy Browed look, which as you can image, is not popular with patients.

In this area, the Botulinum Toxin injections will take up to 12 days to work, and with regular use, can be expected to last about 4 months.

Microfat Transfer has also resulted in quite dramatic improvement in lines of the forehead, while also lifting the eyebrow.