Frown Lines

Muscle Relaxing Injections/Botulinum Toxin is, without any doubt, the treatment of choice here. Not only does the treatment improve the lines, it also gives the face an open, happy appearance by preventing us from frowning. Delicate application also lifts the brows, stopping us looking too serious.

This is certainly the most effective site to have Botulinum Toxin, with it taking 2-7 days to work, and with regular use, lasting between 4-5 months.

Deeper lines can also be improved, but as they are usually due to significant loss of volume in the area, this may need to be replaced as well. Dermal Fillers can be used here, but in our opinion tend to give an unnatural swollen look, and can also be dangerous. The treatment that has recently given quite starting results here is Fat Transfer/Micro-Fat.