PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

The use of PRP to brighten up the surface of the skin was initially given the nickname of “The Vampire Facelift”, since we take a specimen of your blood. After spinning it down, we remove the portion of the Plasma which has most Platelets, hence the name.

It is the platelets that stimulate the repair of our skin after a cut, so we are harnessing this ability to repair. All Laser and Micro-needling therapies to repair the skin, damage the skin so as to replicate small cuts and then subsequent repair occurs. With PRP, we do not need the initial damage, with its inherent risk of causing pigment changes, particularly in darker skin types.

At Defy Time, because of our delightful MesoGun, we use a combination of PRP and Micro-needling, further improving the results we achieve. The sourcing of the excellent double-spin PRP device, has also enabled us to increase the concentration of PRP from the 3-4 fold of old, to a staggering 10-12 fold increase in Platelet Concentration.

Over the last few years, as well as being used for Skin Rejuvenation, it has proved remarkably successful in reversing Thinning Hair, with an increase in hair thickness of 40% now expected after treatment. Our Laser Specialist Trey Bryant has great experience in this field.

The combination of the PRP with other substances has also been a revelation, with Defy Time pioneering its use with Nanofat in the treatment of Scars, Acne-Scars, and Facial Pigmentation, with results exceeding all expectations.