Facial Veins and Rosacea

For the larger veins around the nose and spider veins, we have yet to see better than the KTP(Green light)Laser. It is effective, safe, with very little down-time.

For diffuse small veins of the cheeks, forehead and nose, the most effective treatment is often our trusted IPL machine. The machine is made in Swansea, by one of the off-shoot companies that have resulted from the excellent Laser Dept. at Swansea University. In darker Skin Types, we often revert to the KTP Laser, for safety reasons, as light treatments can burn.

For these conditions between 1-4 treatments area required, at least a month apart. We can get rid of the veins present, but cannot prevent new ones from occurring. So, if you have a tendency for these to occur, you may need further treatment every 2-3yrs, depending on how well you look after your skin, and how lucky you are.

For Rosacea a combination of KTP Laser and IPL is used, as there is usually a mixture of large veins, small veins, and with Acne Rosacea, small pustules. In the case of Acne Rosacea, a week’s course of two antibiotics can give remission of up to 2yrs. We advise you of this at consultation, and can usually obtain these from your own GP, or if not, we can supply them. Treatment with the IPL or KTP Laser will also give a similar remission.