Sagging Neck

This is far more of a problem if we are very thin as we age, and often gives support to the saying “The only thing holding your neck up, is your face”. So as the skin of the face moves forward as we get older, it takes the skin of the neck with it, making the neck fold. This becomes more obvious the thinner we are, as there is no underlying fat to support the skin.

This is the one area that we now feel ages us most, but is also the most difficult to treat. So the first step we always like to undertake is to correct the loss of volume that has occurred in the face. This is often all that is required to correct this looseness of the skin of the neck, particularly if volume is replaced at the angle of the jaw. If you do not correct the volume loss in the Face, any treatment on the neck will not be as effective.

If there is no volume loss to the Face, there are a few treatments which are effective.

  1. Fractora Firm Radiofrequency Skin Tightening can be very effective, particularly in the early stages. 3 treatments are usually required, 1 month apart, with the improvement lasting up to 18 months. It is a very quick and simple treatment with no downtime or side effects.
  2. Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser, gives excellent skin tightening, but requires up to 6 treatments, and is not as effective in darker skin types.
  3. PDO Threads can be very effective in tightening the skin, particularly in the mid-line, directly under the chin.
  4. Injection Lipolysis, can surprisingly be very good at tightening the skin of the neck. The inflammation from the injection causes skin tightening, but up to 4 treatments may be required.
  5. NeckTite/BodyTite, is an invasive treatment which requires some compressive garment to be used for up to a weak. Care has to be taken with very thin skin.