Facial and Body Moles

Raised Benign Moles can easily be removed, from any part of the face or body, with Radio-Frequency Surgery or CO2 Laser.


With Radio-Frequency Surgery, after the introduction of local anaesthetic to the area, these moles are gently rubbed away. The area takes between 6-7 days to heal on the face, and a little longer on the skin of the body. The area is also pink for 6-8 weeks, usually re-pigmenting, leaving no scar.

Moles on the face, particularly over the softer areas like the cheeks, may need a second treatment after 6-8 months.

The Carbon Dioxide Laser is also very effective at removing Moles, Seborrhoeic Warts and Solar Keratosis, without any need for surgical excision. Again local anaesthetic is applied, making the procedure virtually painless.