Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair, from any part of the Face or Body, can be removed with Lasers. For larger areas, we use the IPL machine, as the treatment is effective and affordable.

With the larger areas, we often use a chiller, which blows cold air onto the area, to reduce any discomfort.

Dark hair is the easiest to treat, and pale skin is the safest. With dark skin, for the Face, we usually use the NdYag laser, as it is safer. It should be noted that Lasers are ineffective on red and very light hair.

An average of 8 treatments is usually required, each treatment being 6-8 weeks apart, with the cost usually dependent on the area to be treated.

There is little or no downtime with these treatments, but there is an increased risk of side-effects such as burns, when you are tanned, or regularly using a Sun-Bed.

For Men, we often treat unwanted facial hair, with shaping of the beard area, while Body Hair is not now seen as attractive as it has been in the past. We also treat individuals who may be contemplating Gender Changing, as well as those who simply wish to Cross-Dress. Sensitivity and full confidentiality is guaranteed to all our patients.