Fat Transfer

“Fat is the ultimate Filler, it can restore volume to the Face in a very natural and youthful way”

Dr Alan has been one of the pioneers of this treatment in the UK over the last 6-7yrs, and recent advancements in techniques have seen a rapid improvement in results, as well as reduction in both expected down-time and the cost of the procedure. In time it may well overtake Sculptra as our favourite way of replacing volume to the ageing face.

This is the removal of Fat from one part of your body, and re-introducing it to areas which loose fat as we get older, such as the Face, Neck, Décolletage, Hands and even Ear lobes.

It is our Fat that keeps us looking young, as one of our most delightful patients told me recently “Fat doesn’t crack”. That is why if we go on extreme diets, or exercise excessively, as a result we unfortunately often land up looking much older.

Although not often appreciated, our fat is very important to our health. It does in fact contain 500 times more Stem Cells than Bone Marrow, which is why transferred fat has such a remarkable rejuvenating effect on the skin in the area treated.

Although Fat Transfer has been used in our clinic for 5yrs, it is over the last year that it has really come of age. This has resulted from the better understanding of how to treat this most delicate of tissues. This is why Dr Alan recently spent some time in Marseille with Professor Guy Magalon, one of the acknowledged world experts in the field.

We can now produce a number of specific treatments from Fat, such as MicroFat, NanoFat and Adipose Derived Stem Cells, which have different uses. Some for the Volume loss we suffer with age, some for Deep lines, some for Fine lines and others for Scars.

With this new knowledge, at Defy Time we have been able to improve the success rate to over 95%, while also minimizing the downtime to about a day, and as importantly, reducing the cost to the patient.

This is why we can now say that Fat is now proving to be what we always hoped it would be, the Ultimate Filler, but giving a natural untouched look.