Is an absolutely delightful treatment, which in experienced hands, gives the most natural results of any of the volumizing treatments available today. For many years it has been the best and most reliable way of replacing the facial volume we lose as we age.

It contains small particles of the substance PLLA, Poly-L Lactic Acid, which stimulates the body’s own cells, Fibroblasts, to produce large volumes of collagen.

Because of the amount of collagen produced, the Sculptra must be carefully layered beneath the skin, in the areas where we have lost facial fat, with the slow and gradual production of collagen helping to restore a more youthful appearance to the face.

Most people require 3 treatments, each one a minimum of 4 weeks apart. The improvement begins to show at about 6 weeks, and continues for a further 8-9 months. The effects usually last about 2-4 years, but in our experience 4-5 years is not uncommon. Smoking reduces both the improvement you can expect, and how long it lasts.

This treatment is a particular favourite of Dr Alan, who after many years of being a trainer, has now developed techniques in its use that result in not only very natural, but also long lasting improvements.