Aging Hands

This is an area where we have been desperate for a breakthrough for many years. The problem is twofold. Firstly loss of fat, particularly in women as they get a little older, which makes the hands look bony and masculine. Secondly, the thinning of the skin and appearance of Age or Liver Spots, which the French so kindly call “The flowers of the graveyard”.

We have used fillers such as Radiesse here with some success, as well as Sculptra. However the question has always been whether the amount of improvement justified the cost, particularly for us in what I like to call “The Real World”. Treatments such as IPL will improve the appearance of the Age Spots, but these will eventually recur on exposure to strong sunlight. The skin is also very delicate, so will not tolerate strong peels or Ablative Lasers such as the Fractional CO2.

The answer will certainly come from Fat and Stem Cells. Simple Fat Transfer has proven very successful in the past, but I am convinced that the combined use of MicroFat+PRP together with NanoFat+PRP will achieve the benefit to cost ratio that is so important.