Male Treatments

Men tend to prefer the more natural, undetectable treatments. The aesthetic concerns of a male also tend to be a little different. There is less of an emphasis for men to have a perfect, smooth complexion. In fact a few little lines are considered to be quite masculine, giving the male face a slightly rugged, attractive look.

It is the shape of the face that most concerns men, particularly hollowness under the eyes and cheeks, and weakness in the jaw line with jowl formation. Rarely do we have men coming for lip enhancement.

The procedures that most suit the treatment of these issues are Sculptra, Suspension Threads, and the subtle use of Botulinum Toxin. Dr Alan is certain that Micro-Fat Transfer will prove very popular with men in the future, especially as the down-time expected is being reduced to just 1-2 days.

Body-contouring is also increasing in popularity, particularly shaping the body in the areas of the male breast(or Moobs), Love-Handles, Lower and Upper Abdomen.

Full Liposuction is carried out using either the BodyJet or BodyTite machines, with the procedure being carried out under Local Anaesthetic, with a compression garment being worn for 6 weeks post-op.

The less invasive Injection Lipolysis is used for more subtle body-shaping, where the patient either prefers a non-surgical approach, or the volume to be removed is less.