We are getting ready to open, as soon as the Welsh Government give the go-ahead for free movement, as is already the case in England. In fact my colleagues across Offa’s Dyke are able to open as of today.

In all honesty, I must admit to being more than a little glad of this breathing space, allowing us to be sure that we have in place very best safety standards for both yourselves and my excellent staff.

We had implemented a number of changes in the weeks prior to the ‘Lock-down’. Hand sanitizers freely available, cleaning routines carried out after each consultation. With the luxury of 4 treatment rooms, patients can are now able to go immediately into the room where they will be treated, eliminating further any risk of cross contamination. There are a few other alterations we would like to implement over the next week, so that we feel we are fully prepared to keep us all safe.

The exact date we cannot be certain of at present, but we promise to give you as much warning as possible as to when we will be able to open.

Just a little sad note in these sad times, which I’m sure you will all want to know, is that our lovely Laura has decided to retire. Although for a long time I have stubbornly refuse to accept this, I now have no choice but to agree with her decision. The combination of this awful virus, and the health issues she has suffered over the last few years, mean that it is far too dangerous for her to be out. Since she has been a great support to me over the years, it has been a difficult decision to make, for us both.

Very best regards,

Dr Alan and Staff