What the last year has taught us and what is new in the world of Medical Aesthetics.

It is difficult to explain how delightful it has been to return to a full season of the very best conferences available anywhere, and listen to advice and instruction from world experts, particularly those who do not have a commercial bias.

With regards to emerging products ,the number of new collagen stimulators and volumizers has been very impressive, although our favourite over the last 2 years, Lanluma continues to outperform the competitors. It’s use on the body has been especially impressive. However I am also keen to try the new Aesthfill, which may show some interesting new qualities, including a possible quicker speed of action.

An old favorite of ours, Fat dissolving injections, continues to impress, particularly in subtle changing of body shape, which have proven resistant to regular exercise, and where Liposuction would prove too aggressive.

The new wonder treatment on the block is certainly the Exosomes, who’s potential in the field of regenerative therapy is quite breathtaking. Only time will tell if they are as good as they are made out to be. All we at Defy Time can comment on so far is that, since we introduced them in early February 2023, the results have already shown great promise.

Following visits to Conferences to Monaco, Paris, Geneva, and back to Paris, in July Dr Alan Jones is heading back to the San Diego Academy of Regenerative Treatments, where apparently he is the only person ever to have attended the Conference every year it has been held. It will be interesting to see how this bastion of Stem Cells and Fat Transfer accepts the introduction of Exosomes into the field of Regenerative Therapies.

As you can see, we continue to attend the very best conferences, so that we can give our patients, the very latest and best advice on what treatment options you may have for the issues causing you distress and concern, and which one we would advise, and why. As always you would have ample time to review and research these options before any treatment would commence.

As all our patients know, our staff are only too glad to help with any questions you may have. Their warm friendly attitude is reflected in the comforting welcome you feel on entering the clinic.