BACD meeting in Monte Carlo and ‘The Madonna Lift’

The meeting of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors in Monte Carlo was excellent as usual, with the ongoing education of members to the fore, as always. We also had confirmation that our ideas about which technology is best for a fat removal was correct – watch this space.

The next important meeting for us will be the annual IMCAS meeting in Paris in January 2010, when this year we will also be taking two of our most promising employees, Stefanie Williams and Karen Huxley with us, so that they to can gain invaluable experience of what is new in the Cosmetic Medicine world. As a clinic we feel that such investment in our staff is essential if we are to offer the best treatments available to our clients.

P.S. ‘The Madonna Lift’:

Dr Katz in New York, has apparently developed the ‘Madonna lift’ for the eyes, a treatment we have been carrying out very successfully for over a year. So for our patients who have had CO2 Fractional laser resurfacing around the eyes, you’ve had the ‘Madonna Lift’, before Madonna had it herself!!