After what has been a difficult time for all of us, it is wonderful to be able to look forward to a time of relative freedom. It is strange how adversity often brings the most unusual positives. As most people know, Dr Alan has been a longtime advocate of the natural regenerative results achievable by volumizing agents such as Poly L Lactic Acid (PLLA, also known as Sculptra). However as a result of the Covid Pandemic, manufacturing difficulties in Sweden and a relaunch of the product following its purchase by a new company, we were suddenly, in late November 2020 made aware of a severe supply shortage. As at Defy Time we are one of the major users of the product in the UK, we were forced to look at possible alternative products.

As a result of travelling to numerous international conferences every year, Dr Alan had become aware of a similar product, called Gana V, which has been developed in South Korea. This was soon to be launched in the UK as Lanluma V, as early as January 2021. So in the face of these very real and serious risk of supply shortages of our old PLLA product, and a very sudden and unexpectedly large price rise, we decided to start using this new product on some patients. The results have taken us completely by surprise, giving improvement better and far quicker than we could normally have expected, in all age groups equally. Such has been the response that we are at present treating 18-20 patients a week.

Another positive is that in 4 months time, Dr Alan is attending an exclusive 2 day course in theater with Dr Steve Cohen from San Diego, one of the world’s most distinguished experts on Stem Cell and Fat Transfer therapies. Yet another big step forward for the clinic’s use of this most wonderful and exciting of treatments.