Travelling during the lockdown of early 2021.

Travelling to and from appointments during this recent lockdown has caused a number of our patients considerable concern, but we can reassure you all that it is perfectly safe and legal to do so. During the original “Lockdown” the Local Authority classified all treatments carried out at our clinic to be solely medical, as they are all carried out by Dr Alan. This allowed us to stay open, and our patients to travel to their appointments, during the “Fire-break”, and is allowing us to do so now. If you would like to discuss any issues regarding your appointment, making an appointment, or travelling to and from the clinic, please give us a ring on 01792 208466. One of the main exceptions to the “Stay at Home” message blazoned on all major roads, along side travelling to work, is travelling to a medical appointment.

We are here if you need to come to see us.