Europe and Asia overtaking the US in Cosmetic Innovation

In our last news article we mentioned that Dr Jones would be promoting Sculptra at the American Association of Dermatology in San Francisco. While the city itself was a delight, Dr Jones found the event itself to be a little disappointing.

It seems that the relaxation of borders in Europe has seen a remarkable exchange of ideas, resulting in a very innovative period for the cosmetic treatment industry, and the US now appears very conservative and a little old-fashion in comparison. This will be as big as a surprise to our clients as it was to Dr Jones.

It seems that the main reason for this turnaround is the way in which the cosmetics market in the US is developing. Large household brands in particular, which have the financial clout, appear to be dominating the direction of investment. While their present concentration is cosmetic in the broadest definition, it is certainly not the innovative, specialist cosmetic treatments and products that we provide at Defy Time.

The change could be down to the natural maturation of the cosmetic market in the US, or a direct result of the economic environment we are in – where companies and investors are backing big, retail brands as a safer investment. Whatever the reason for the change, the event did not deliver the innovations in the industry that we have come to expect from the event.

Asia has also become a hot bed of innovation in the cosmetic world and Dr Jones is looking forward to attending the IMCAS meeting there on 13th & 14th of July. Last year there were a few significant new cosmetic innovations, which we are hoping will be ready to introduce to Defy Time this year.

We had hoped to bring news of new and wonderful ideas from the ‘land of the free’, unfortunately the rest of the world now appear to have better ideas – and is investing more heavily – in the specialist and innovative field of cosmetics that our clients demand.